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domestic cleaning service
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Clean4U offer a complete domestic cleaning service which will leave you with plenty of spare time on your hands. Our cleaners are trained to be thorough and efficient and we use all our own equipment and cleaning supplies so there are no hidden costs to you. We have no lengthy service agreements and pride ourselves on being 100% flexible even offering a 24/7 emergency cleaning call out service for those unforeseen circumstances.

domestic cleaning service

Most people will appreciate that cleaning a home can be difficult to keep up with. Some people need to work longer hours in order to keep the bills paid and others have very busy schedules that meantime is at a premium. Nobody wants to come home after a long working day and tackle the chores that they hate the most and of course, weekends should really be spent with family and hobbies so why should you have to put that time aside for cleaning.

Clean4U can take that added worry out of your life and ensure that your home is kept spring fresh and hygienically clean. We can offer cleaning packages weekly, bi-weekly or monthly that we can tailor make to suit your budget and needs. We also offer one-off deep clean packages which give a completely full or half day deep clean depending on your circumstances which covers the whole house top to bottom in every nook and cranny. Click here to see what our one-off deep clean packages offer.

Our Deep Clean Service consists of either a half day or a full day in your home cleaning everything in sight from skirting boards to kitchen appliances, all surfaces, white goods, windows, carpets and much, much more.

It will usually involve two of our staff to complete this work as it is quite labor intensive plus it also makes sure we get every little detail to perfection. We use a complete checklist of all our work to ensure that our staff completes 100% of the jobs that are required of them. Work is completed between the hours of 6:00 am – 18:00 pm Monday to Friday unless by special arrangement.

You can see all the work that the Home Deep Clean covers by clicking here.

+Deep Clean Services Offering

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Our weekly clean consists of a general tidy and includes such things as vacuuming all carpets and floors throughout the house plus we use wet vac cleaning where we can instead of mopping to ensure that we completely remove grease and dirt from the floor rather than just moving it around with the mop. We also clean and dust all surfaces, clean and polish interior windows, clean all bathrooms kitchen worktops and units plus any dirty dishes lying around.

If your home is in need of a really good clean but you want a cheaper weekly service we would suggest starting off with our Deep Clean Service and then we would maintain that hygiene and cleanliness standard on a weekly basis.

You can view our full weekly cleaning offering by clicking on the box below

+Weekly Cleaning Services Offering

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We only use wet vacuum cleaning processes on hard floor surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom floor tiles to ensure we completely remove all dirt and grease from the floor

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