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10 hints slash habits for a home clean tip

home clean tip
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Today I’m sharing with you 10 hints slash habits for a clean home. So,home clean tip number one make your bed each morning regardless of what always leave yourself an extra three minutes in the morning to give yourself time to make your bed.even if the rest of your room isn’t in perfect condition having a made bed makes it look so much better and tidy and gives a relaxing vibe to your bedroom.home clean Tip number two is to always load your dishwasher and clean sink at nightSo I love loading my dishwasher at night because I can run it, and when I wake up the next morning everything will be clean and I can unload it then and start off with a fresh empty dishwasher for the day. If there is anything in your sink that should be hand washed, ensure you do that, and after that wipe out the sink and clean it as well. I use the Method anti-bac spray for this Just wipe it out with a paper towel and then rinse it out with some water after my sink is nice and clean, I take a little of my J.R.

home clean tip

Watkins lemon spray you can get it from target it’s natural (the spray). And I just spray a little bit of that down the drain and it makes my kitchen smell so good and fresh and gets rid of any food odor. home clean Tip number three is to always wipe down your bathroom and put away your makeup and hair products and everything like that, as soon as you are done with it. Don’t leaving it laying out, just put it away have a spot for everything that way, your bathroom doesn’t look cluttered think bathrooms look way nicer and luxurious when the countertop isn’t covered with a ton of products usually the only things that I keep out my makeup which is nicely organized an acrylic container, our toothbrushes in an apothecary jar Cotton balls, Q-tips, and sometimes my makeup mirror and I always make sure to wipe out the sink. This takes ten seconds and you can get rid of all that gunky toothpaste, hair, makeup that’s fallen into the sink. anything like that. And, I will also look at our hand towel and see if that needs to be changed out as well. home clean Tip number four is to use drawer organizers and stackable under cabinet storage containers to sort your products. So, these are my favorite I got them from menards I’m sure you can find them anywhere but I love these because they actually lock together so they won’t slide all over the place I have four under here get as many as you need based on how big your under cabinet area is I sort my products into four categories Body lotions and sprays, nail stuff, hair care, and sunless tanning products I also love these little drawer organizers I use them in drawers all through out my house this is one I keep on my night stand where I just keep hand lotion, a hair tie, a candle, lip balm lens wipes. Little things that I would reach for So rather than being loose all over the drawer they are just nice and contained in one little or gainer.home clean Tip number five is to get some kind of shoe storage for your entryway I think the easiest way to make your entryway look nice is to not have a bunch of shoes thrown all over the place So I got mine from Home Goods, it was about fifty dollar sand I love it because the shoes are tucked away they’re not visible, they’re out of site and it doubles as bench or purse holder home clean Tip number six is to get a light (weight) vacuum I use the Shark ultra light deluxe pro vacuum I’ll link it down below for you guys, you can get it on Amazon but my tip is to get a light (weight) vacuum that’s easy to carry around your house and vacuum high traffic areas daily or every other day And I know it sounds like a lot but I think the main reason people don’t like to vacuum is because of lugging around a big heavy vacuum. So this really helped me a lot and it really doesn’t take much time at all. You just need to vacuum your high traffic areas where people walk all the time, every day and it just makes such a huge difference when I walk into a house and see fresh vacuum lines just gives off a really clean vibe. home clean Tip number seven is to get a file organizer from the Target dollar section or where ever you want they are a dollar at Target, that’s where I got mine organize your receipts so they aren’t all over the placer lost. I hate when I need to return something and I can’t find a receipt and I’m spending forever looking through all of my purses, and drawer and all over the house.

home clean tip

I like knowing exactly where they’re. So like I said, I got this one from Target and I love it because it has a bunch of sections that I label with all my favorite stores Victoria secret, Ultra, TJ Max, Forever XXI, and I have a food category as well and I can always find my receipts whenever I need them. home clean Tip number eight is to empty your trash frequently Don’t wait for it to get full and stinky This is the such an easy thing to do to make your house clean, make it smell nice. Just take out the trash it only takes a few seconds to swap out the trash and I thin kit makes a huge difference home clean Tip number nine is to get a letter organizer for important mail and throw away junk mainland magazines right away. Don’t allow yourself to throw it into a junk drawer and deal with it later because we all know later never comes. I got this really pretty rose gold one from TJ Max for five dollars this is perfect for sorting coupons and bills. My last and final tip is a simple one and that is to get an air purifier.

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